We meticulously select the right employee compatible for your professional needs through the use of our extensive candidate database, all active career portals, as well as techniques specific to your industry and immediately introduce you to the best professionals in the field.


We provide full support with rapid and efficient methods to find the right talents to fit for your company's strategic goals, and recruit them to your organization. We also offer educational, developmental and intercorporate placement analysis consultancy for your firm's current sources to meet your advancement goals.


Taking action according to your personal traits, skills and ultimate goal is our top priority. Therefore we outline a career map to guide you through your path, enabling you to increase your self-awareness in your professional life.


Depending on your organization's seasonal workload, BrainArt IT team works in cooperation with BrainArt HR Consultants to offer you the services of the most appropriate professionals to minimize your company’s expenses, operational load and risk, while aiming to maximize your company’s performance.


With the guidance of Recruitment and Technology Consultants BrainArt HR offers “IT Professional Selection and Applied Interview Techniques” seminars, a first in Turkey in terms of content.

Our Processes

Receiving the definition and requirements for the talent needed
Reaching the right candidate through our broad candidate database, career portals and social networks
Conducting competency-based and technical interviews with the candidates, using relevant methods
Prepraration of presentation reports for the short-listed candidates and submission to the client
Management of the candidates’ interview process with the client
Reference check of favorable candidates and completion of the recruitment process after the offer stage