With the guidance of Recruitment and Technology Consultants BrainArt HR offers “IT Professional Selection and Applied Interview Techniques” seminars, a first in Turkey in terms of content.

BrainArt, who has achieved significant success in the industry in “IT Recruitment”, with its consultants specialized in this field, fills a very important gap in the industry in terms of recruitment methods for IT Positions companies have a hard time to fill.

Our Technical Recruitment Trainings

  • .Net Software Specialist Selection & Applied Interview Techniques
  • Java Software Specialist Selection & Applied Interview Techniques
  • Analyst & Test Engineer & Project Manager Selection & Applied Interview Techniques
  • SAP Consultant & Software Developer Selection & Applied Interview Techniques
  • Selection & Applied Interview Techniques For System & Network & Security & Infrastructure Positions
  • Selection & Applied Interview Techniques For Database Administrator (DBA) & Database Developer & Business Intelligence (BI) Positions

Content And Flow Of Trainings

  • General competencies of employees working in the positions determined as the specific subject of that training
  • Technical details of the related position (Contains deep enough technical knowledge needed for the HR specialist to find the right CV and interview the candidate, asking the right questions. This portion of the training is given by technical consultants who are experts in that field.)
  • Practices for reviewing sample job postings and finding the right CV
  • Technical interview practices with real candidates


All trainings are given by two trainers who are experts in their field: A Technical Consultant and a Recruitment Consultant

Who Should Receive These Trainings?

People recruiting for technology positions, human resources professionals and recruitment consultants

Duration and Location of the Trainings, and the Number of Participants

The trainings offered by BrainArt take place at the BrainArt Office on the weekends (Saturday & Sunday). A maximum of 6 participants are allowed in each meeting.

The time and location of the trainings can be altered per companies’ requests. Maximum number of participants can also be increased.

* To get more information regarding trainings or to request to participate, please send an email to